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Protecting Individuals, Families and Self-Employed 

from Illness and Accidents

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Our Mission is to Ensure Your Financial Stability when Health Storms Occur

  • We save our clients 40-50% off their health insurance premiums

  • We provide BETTER benefits and income protection

  • Our plans are on the largest nationwide PPO network with over 95,000 doctors and hospitals to choose from, across the nation, any time, anywhere, on or off the job

  • We offer concierge support, from day 1 we provide you with resources such as labs, doctors, and prescription discounts 

  • Regardless of your health, we are committed to providing you with the best plans available on the market.  If our options are not your best solution, we will refer you to a agent that meets your needs

  • We believe in pro-active healthcare, patient advocacy, and the reduction of predatory provider billing

  • You can sign up for coverage TODAY! No need for a qualifying event


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